[ai1ec view=”agenda”]
  • Month view: [ai1ec view="monthly"]
  • Week view: [ai1ec view="weekly"]
  • Day view: [ai1ec view="oneday"]
  • Agenda view: [ai1ec view="agenda"]
  • General form: Some Other view: [ai1ec view="someother"]
  • Default view as per settings: [ai1ec]

Optional. Add options to display a filtered calender. (You can find out category and tag IDs by inspecting the URL of your filtered calendar page.)

  • Filter by event category name/slug: [ai1ec cat_name="Holidays"]
  • Filter by event category names/slugs (separate names by comma): [ai1ec cat_name="Lunar Cycles,zodiac-date-ranges"]
  • Filter by event category ID: [ai1ec cat_id="1"]
  • Filter by event category IDs (separate IDs by comma): [ai1ec cat_id="1,2"]
  • Filter by event tag name/slug: [ai1ec tag_name="tips-and-tricks"]
  • Filter by event tag names/slugs (separate names by comma): [ai1ec tag_name="creative writing,performing arts"]
  • Filter by event tag ID: [ai1ec tag_id="1"]
  • Filter by event tag IDs (separate IDs by comma): [ai1ec tag_id="1,2"]
  • Filter by post ID: [ai1ec post_id="1"]
  • Filter by post IDs (separate IDs by comma): [ai1ec post_id="1,2"]
  • Limit number of events per page: [ai1ec events_limit="5"]