Water Filter Cartridge

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710 THB

How to use:

*** Read the details on the back packaging.

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HyLiving™ Water Filter

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4,430 THB

How to use:

*** Read the details on the back packaging.

          As we pay attention to every drop of water which you drink, HyLiving™ Water Filter implements an innovative 3-Step Filtration Process with Nano Technology using carbon filter, resins, and UF Membrane with a filter resolution of 0.01 microns to kill germs, removes 99.99% of bacteria and contaminants but still retains health supporting minerals.

Where is HyLiving™ Water Filter distributed?

          HyLiving™ Water Filter is distributed officially and solely by Hylife Network. Therefore, if the same model is sold through any other distributors, it is considered a copyright infringement. And the company may prosecute those offenders through civil and criminal law.

Does HyLiving™ Water Filter have warranty?
  1. Yes. HyLiving™ Water Filter has two (2) years of warranty from the purchased date of the receipt imported and distributed by Hylife Network, which is purchased from HyShop or a Hylife independent distributor in Thailand only.
  2. If there are damages caused by factory, the customer can exchange it for a new product within 15 days from purchase without any request for refund. If there is no warranty or receipt, the company may reject the request for replacement or refund. The customer must show the warranty card and receipt as evidence that the water filter is still within the warranty period and must contain the complete customer information, date of purchase, and correct serial number.
  3. Under warranty by Hylife Network, HyLiving™ Water Filter has two (2) years of after-sales service with inquiry support from specialists.
  4. For warranty terms & conditions, please see on the warranty card in the box.
How do I install HyLiving™ Water Filter?

          Customers can learn from the instruction manual found inside the box. Or contact Call Center at

In case of water leaking out of the Adapter or if the Adapter is not connecting properly to the faucet.

         There are several types of faucet Adapters that come with your water filter. Please select the appropriate Adapter that correctly fits to your faucet.

For more information, please see instruction manual or contact call center at 020-111-999.

After the water filter is installed, can I turn on the water to drink it right away?

        No. After the unit is installed to the faucet, turn on the water and let it run for 1 minute to clear the carbon and UF filter.

Why does the water taste bitter?

         This is caused by carbon filter due to too little filter cleaning. So after the installation is complete, let the water run for a minute (about 5-6 glasses) or until clean.

Why does the water smell?

          Sometimes, customers may not use the water filter for a long time, such as not being home for several days. Then the residual water is trapped inside the unit from the last usage, causing it to smell. We advise customers to run the water for a minute before using it again.

Can we use HyLiving™ Water Filter with groundwater?

          We do not recommend using it with underground water. This will shorten the life span of the filter – less than 600 liters. It should only be used with tap water at basic filtration.

Why isn’t the digital display working?
  1. Check if the battery is positioned correctly.
  2. Check if the inlet water pressure is enough and the water flow rate is uniform.
Why has the filtered water flow rate lessened?
  1. Please check the digital screen and see if the amount of water filtered has used up all 600 liters.
  2. Check the house water pressure.
  3. Check the color of the filter if it is dark brown or green; it may be time to replace the filter cartridge.
When should I change the cartridge?

The usage of the cartridge depends on the customer’s water consumption and water quality. Take notice if the water flows slower or less. Then it’s time to change the cartridge.


Example: Stages of using the cartridge:

Does the filtered water need to be boiled?

       No need to boil. HyLiving™ Water Filter already eliminates up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria in the water.** (

Does HyLiving™ Water Filter have assurance or certifications?

Yes. Hyliving™ Water Filter has certified quality assurance by such notables as

  1. Central Lab of Thailand
  2. The Notification of the Ministry of Public Health No.61 (BE 2524), No.135 (BE 2534)
  3. Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA)
  4. Japan Water Quality Standard (JIS S3201)
  1. Requires no electric power
  2. Digital display with reset button for easy monitoring
  3. Filters bacteria and pathogens up to 99.99% by an ultra-filtration system, certified by JWPA and Central Lab of Thailand
  4. Retains natural health-supporting minerals that come with your tap water such as sodium, magnesium, and chloride phosphate
  5. Ion exchange technology – exclusive patented innovation from Japan that helps to adjust the taste of water, creating a more pleasurable drinking experience while balancing the ions in the water
  6. Three (3) types of water output: Pure stream (filtered), stream and shower (unfiltered)
  7. Saves water by 30% when using the unfiltered shower setting
  8. Small and compact – suitable for condos and houses, where space is limited
  9. Very light weight – suitable for long-stay travelers
  10. Easy installation and refill parts that fit most faucets
  11. Produced from top-grade plastics ABS – very durable and resistant to heat, rust, impact and chemical leakage
  12. Better value than buying bottled water
  13. Produces alkaline water pH of 7.32 (verified by the Central Laboratory of Science)
  14. Two (2) years warranty on filter quality
The quantity of minerals from HyLiving™ Water Filter
Boosts immune system and balances bodily functions
Balances the metabolism of nutrients in the body
Homeostasis in cells. Reduces stress.
Reduces acid in the stomach
Reduces heat and pain
Prevents tooth decay. Enhances growth factor and fertility
Relieves the symptoms of iron deficiency
Exfoliates the skin and acts as anti-acne
Helps to neutralize acid in body
TDS = The value of Total Dissolved Solids that are acceptable in drinking water.
Quantity (L)
Price/L (THB)

*Levels of TDS (​mg/​L) ​

  • Below 300: Excellent
  • 300-600: Good
  • 600-900: Fair
  • 900-1,200: Poor
  • Above 1,200: Unacceptable

*Certified by Central Lab of Thailand (Reference)

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HyLiving Water Filter

Retail Price
4,430 THB

Water Filter Cartridge

Retail Price

710 THB